Technology Partners

Dynagram's Technology Partners

Dynagram has partnered with leading prepress and equipment manufacturers to deliver turnkey solutions tailored to meet the needs of today's printers.

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe helps people and businesses communicate better through its world-leading digital imaging, design and document technology platforms for consumers, creative professionals and enterprises. Adobe's revenue in the last fiscal year exceeded $1.2 billion.

alfaQuest Technologies

alfaQuest Technologies is a leading provider of innovative and leading edge publishing systems, imaging devices and workflow management systems. Products include FasTRAK, NewsXpress and Esprit Violet CTP, TRAKmate 2 and NewsMATE Autoloaders. Workflow solutions include PrintExpress/CPM (Consolidated Production Management) and PLATEmate systems for Sun and Windows and alfa CTP Workflow systems for Macintosh and Windows.


Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.


Agfa develops, manufactures and distributes analogue and digital products and systems for the making, processing and reproduction of images. Images that matter, sometimes even save lives. Images for healthcare, the printing and photo industry and many other areas such as micrography and motion pictures. Although we generate 95% of our turnover in business-to-business markets, we contribute to your everyday life. Whenever you read a newspaper, visit a hospital or look at your favourite holiday pictures, Agfa has probably been closely involved.


Dalim Software is a privately held organization whose mission is to maximize the productivity of its customers in the printing and publishing industries by offering high-end software solutions designed to facilitate and automate the entire processing of files prior to printing. The company is a leading supplier of large-scale production systems for printers and publishers worldwide.


EFI is the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing. EFI's award-winning technologies offer document management tools from creation to print, including high fidelity color and black and white Fiery® print servers that can output up to 2000 pages per minute; powerful production workflow and print management information software solutions for increased performance and cost efficiency; and an array of business-critical enterprise and mobile printing solutions. EFI maintains 25 offices worldwide.


Enfocus is a leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry. The company’s innovative solutions streamline the workflow throughout the complete production chain – from design to final print – thereby connecting printers, publishers and designers.

Enfocus Switch

Switch is a modular software solution that integrates with existing systems and drives third party applications to speed up job processing, reduce errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Scalability and intelligence can be improved with optional scripting, database & metadata modules.

Automating tasks with Switch frees up your staff’s time so they can focus on new revenue-generating activities.

Enfocus Switch


EskoArtwork develops complete and integrated software solutions for the preparation of professional color printing or pre-press. EskoArtwork's software runs on personal computers but equals or even betters the quality and productivity of specialized and much more expensive integrate computer systems. World leader in professional pre-press software through organic growth and acquisitions. Over 8000 software licenses and workflow solutions sold and installed worldwide. Artwork Systems now has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia with international support structures in Brazil and Singapore. Partner organizations in more than 40 countries are responsible for the additional worldwide distribution of the various products.


Established in 1997, FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Ltd., (FFEI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., Tokyo. FFEI is the only manufacturer of electronic prepress equipment for FUJIFILM outside of Japan and employs over 380 people at its head office in Hemel Hempstead and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Peterborough. FFEI distributes its portfolio of prepress products to the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa via Fujifilm subsidiaries and third party distributors.

Fusion Systems International

Fusion Systems International is a leading developer and integrator of advanced prepress workflow tools and raster management solutions for newspapers and the Graphic Arts industry worldwide. Fusion Systems has over 15 years of Unix integration experience, providing high-performance RIPs, digital-integrity proofing solutions and prepress workflow automation. Fusion's DigiPage product is a unique RIP-Once-Output-Many (ROOM) workflow plug-in for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows versions of the Harlequin RIP. FasTIFF is a workflow accelerator plug-in for the same platforms.

Global Graphics

Global Graphics Software is a leading developer and supplier of sophisticated high performance RIPs, PDF document, workflow and color solutions mostly to a customer base of Original Equipment Manufacturers, system integrators, software developers and resellers. These partners include the world's leading vendors of digital pre-press systems, high-speed digital print on demand devices, large-format color printers, color proofing systems, and copiers and printers for the corporate and SOHO markets.


NPES is the only U.S. trade association specifically representing companies which manufacture or distribute equipment, systems, software and supplies for all processes used in printing, publishing and package printing/converting, from desktop design and image generation and processing to multiple output options and targeted dissemination systems.

Rampage Systems Inc.

Rampage Systems, Inc. is a spin-off of Autographix, Inc., a company that developed, sold, and supported workstations for the design and production of presentation graphics. Although Autographix became the world leader in its marketplace, the company wanted to parlay its experience in driving high-resolution color peripherals into higher-growth markets. The graphic arts industry was a natural fit. Looking forward, the company plans to broaden its distribution to other parts of the world with the help of its OEM relationships and through other indirect sales channels. The company will continue to invest heavily in R&D to provide customers with value-added functionality, and, in the United States, Rampage Systems will remain committed to providing the most responsive support services in the industry.


Celebrating 26 years of engineering technology tools for the publishing industry, Xitron, Inc., headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an independent developer and integrator of Raster Image Processors. Xitron provides high performance systems including RIPs, print servers, imagesetters, proofing and multiplexing products as well as custom applications for the newspaper and commercial printing industries worldwide. Xitron has device driver plug-ins and interfaces for the majority of imagesetters and proofers on the market. Xitron also specializes in OEM developments customizing interfaces using either Adobe or Harlequin technology.